Sibu is located in Sarawak, in East Malaysia. Sibu is an inland town that is located at the convergence of two rivers namely the Rajang River and the Igan River. Sibu is situated an estimated distance of 183km from the state capital of Sarawak, Kuching.
Sibu is a small friendly town that is famous for the longhouses of Iban and Ulu locals. There are a few major attractions that attract tourists from every corner of the world. One of the many major attractions is the Iban Longhouse. It is a must to visit the Iban Longhouse when you first step foot in Sibu. There, you can have a unique experience in understanding more about their customs, lifestyles and cultures. Besides, you can take a look at their special and traditional outfit, not to mention their own cultural dance and traditional music. There, you can have a tate of the traditional rice wine named 'tuak' and enjoy Iban's local delicacies.