Bird Watching in Sarawak
Sarawak is the largest state in Malaysia which located on the island of Borneo. Blessed with a tropical climate and habitats ranging from island, coats, high hilland mountains to lush lowland. It is an ideal destination for bird watchers as they can enjoy bird watching all year round at national parks, wildlife sancturaries, nature parks and many other forested area.
A total of 664 species both resident & migratory birds have been recorded in Borneo, with 52 endemic species & 143 endemice sub-species. And Sarawak hosts more than 46 Borneo endemic species where 3 are confined to the State (Black Oride, Dulit Grogmouth & Dulit Partridge).
Birdlife International has designated 22 Important Bird Areas(IBAs) in Sarawak, the highest number for any state in Malaysia. IBAs are not only important for Birds, but also for a wide range of floran & fauna.
Borneo Highlands
Borneo Highlands is a prime site for bird watchers and nature lovers alike located at 100 metres above sea level. It is blessed with a lush rainsforest and a variety of habitats such as lowlands, agricultural and highlands. This diversity of habitats attracts a alarge range of bird species within a relatively small area and offers great bird watching opportunities. The incredible diversity and enchanting beauty of tropical birds will deginitely fascinate even the most seasoned bird watchers, leaving lasting memories of bird watching adventures is Malaysia.
Bako National Park
Bako National Park is the oldest national park in Sarawak, establised in 1957, is located about 30km from Kuching. The Bako-Buntal area of 2727sqkm was designated by Birdlife International as an Important Bird Area. This national park has a fascinating variety of habitats that include kerangas forest, beach vegetation, grassland, mangroves as well as mix dipterocarp and peat swamp forest. Despite its size, it has outstanding beauty with secluded sandy beacher, unique rock formations and spectacular scenery. About 150 species of both resident and migrant birds exist here.
6D5N Kuching Bird Watching
Day 1 - Arrived Kuching & Borneo Highland Resort
Day 2 - Borneo Highland Resort
Day 3 - Transfer to City Hotel & City Tour on Wheel.
Day 4 - Bako National Park
Day 5 - Bako National Park
Day 6 - Own Leisure, Tansfer to Airport. (Optional Tour / Longhouse Tour)