Animal Projects & Environmental Education
Sarawak being the largest state in Malaysia, has long been known to have a very rich living heritage of natural and biological diversity that rival others in the world. Although they have been around for tens of millions of years since the Mesozoic and survived until now, human activities and natural threats have pushed these to the brink of extinction.

Sarawak state government is actively involved in championing our cause and there are legislations in placed to provide further protection. Namely, Bako National Parks and Natures Reserves Ordinance 1998 and Wildlife Protection Ordinance 1998 and National Parks and National Reserves Ordinance 1998 and establishment of Totally Protected Areas throughout the state.

Conservation is our commitment and we have to carry out the responsibilities with passion.
Sea Turtle Adoption Program (4D3N)
Sea turtles are amongst the wor;d's longest-lived creatures, with many reaching a lifespan of more than 100 years. Graceful "swimmers" that spend most of their time underwater, they have surviced almost unchanges since the Triassic period, some 100 million years ago. However, the breeding habits that have served them so well for so long are now contributing their extinction. In Talang Satang National Park, the peak season for sea turtle nesting range from th emonth of May to September each year. Open in these months, this conservation-driven program allows participants to actively participate in Sarawak's turtle conservation efforts by spending 4 days at the turtle conservation site on Pulau Talang-Talang Besar. The program aims to showcase the success of turtle conservation in Sarawak to the global community and public. The program offers you the chance to learn more abuot sea turtles conservation through your active participation in various activities. Besides conservation activities, you will also experience an unforgettable encounter with sea turtles, unforgettable stays on the island with basic living conditions and enjoyable nature-based activities. At the end of the program, you will gain the satisfaction of knowing that you are actually contributing to a valuable conservation project.
Heart2Heart with Orangutan
The Heart2Heart with Orangutans in a unique conservation initiative run by SARAWAK FORESTRY. It is a one-day program which allows participants to actively participate in oranutan rehabilitation at Matang Wildlife Centre and Semenggoh Wildlife Centre. Participants will have the chance to learn from a dedicated team of experts from SARAWAK FORESTRY about the challenges of orangutan rehabilitation and related work at the centres. At the end of the program, all participants will be given a cetificate of participation to acknowledge their contributions to Sarawak's orangutan rehabilitation program.
Orangutan Junior Volunteer Program (for Students only)
The Orangutan Junior Volunteer Program is a program exclusively for students aged 23 and below only. For RM260 nett per pax (minimum 10 pax, maximum 20 pax), our volunteers will get :
- A great learning experience on orangutan biology and habitat as well as the orangutan conservation work-plan in Sarawak.
- Hands-on experience in orangutan conservation activities
Adoption of one(1) orangutan per participant for a year
- Certificates of particiapation and an adoption cetificate
Half-day Matang EduTour
The program is a half day tour around Matang Wildlife Centre, suitabl efor school field trips. The Student Package is RM50 per pax for a group of at least 50 pax. The package is inclusive of :
- Guided tour around Matang Wildlife Centre
- Lecture on orangutan rehabilitation program
- Entrance fee to Matang Wildlife Centre
Semenggoh EcoTour
This package of RM240 per pax is inclusive of:
- Viewing of orangutans
- Leisure walks to orangutan trails
- Guided garden tour to Arboretum, Bamboo Garden & Ethno-botanical Garden
- Guding Fee
- Entrance fee to Semenggoh Wildlife Centre
Visitors will also receive an exclusive complimentary hardcover coffee-table book on orangutan - Sweethears of Sarawak.
Plant a Tree Conservation Program
The program is a hlaf-day package inclusive of:
- Seedlings
- Soil
- Maintenance fee or plant (per year)
- Entrance fee to national park, nature reserve or wildlife centre